Kitty Cotten

Absolutely loved working with Maddie! She’s sweet, charming and super talented with a laidback vibe that made our shoot such a delight. She took the most incredible family photos for us that I will truly cherish forever!

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Tara Giorgio

After seeing Madeline's work, I instantly knew she would be the one to photograph my big day. Filled with passion, it's endearing to see her pour herself into any project she takes on. Besides her genuine interactions with anyone she comes in contact with, the quality of her work is unparalleled to anything I've ever invested in!

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It’s always such a pleasure working with Madeline — her photos are a perfect representation of herself and capture our brand beautifully, time and time again. We look forward to creating new content together and often! 

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Morgan FranzonMejuriComment

Madeline has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She puts her own style and twist on her photography, while simultaneously aligning it with our aesthetic and brand. Our relationship has moved far beyond a one-time posting agreement into a long-term brand partnership.

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Morgan FranzonVitruviComment