Happy Easter | 2016

Happy Easter, friends! While looking for the perfect Easter cake, I stumbled upon Mel's Kitchen Cafe's recipe for this delightful lemon blueberry cake and knew I just HAD to try to make it gluten-free for our family gathering. I had so much fun putting this adorable two-layered cake together and serving it to my family in celebration of our Savior! This cake may be sweet, but nothing is sweeter than today's reminder that Jesus overcame death to give us the gift of eternal life with Him! Blessings to all my friends on such a beautiful, beautiful day! If you'd like to try out this recipe for yourself, spring on over here to check it out! :)

Broderick Family | Lifestyle - Utah

I think among all of the photographs that I have taken, the ones that I will treasure the most are the ones of my family. The organic moments of life going on without interruption, quietly observing with my camera, and capturing the sweet interactions between my brother and his wife and their daughter. While I love styling sessions and experimenting with creativity and posing my clients, sometimes I like to sit back and watch people fall into natural moments. They pose themselves, and there's nothing more genuine than that. Looking at these photos that I captured during my visit out in Utah makes me feel so blessed to hold a gift that can bless others, and that can allow me to literally freeze time in a frame. Enjoy some sweet photos of my beautiful family.

Hillary | Spring Mini-Session

Happy First Day of Spring, friends! Although the warm weather around here has been inconsistent, it surely hasn't stopped the grass from being that beautiful green, nor the flowers from blooming!

I had a lunch date with my sweet friend, Hillary the other day, and we ended up picking up some flowers at our local market, arranging them and wrapping them ourselves, and set off for a little impromptu session in downtown Lancaster! Aren't those just the best kinds of sessions? That pastel wall, those sweet flowers, and Hillary's darling dress have got me craving warm weather in the worst way!! Spring, you are MORE than welcome to stay!

Katie | Senior

It's safe to say that my session with Katie is by far one of my most FAVORITE sessions I have ever photographed. It helps that we were shooting at the most magnificent location and that I had a beautiful model. :)

I met Katie back when she lived in Pennsylvania and we went to the same high school! I was actually good friends with her older brother and sister! When Katie and her family moved to California, I wasn't sure of when I'd see this clan next, but low and behold, it was one big WONDERFUL reunion in Utah, as the three of them are attending BYU in Utah. I had an absolute blast catching up with this trio and could not be more pleased with how these photos turned out.

Thanks for bearing the cold with me, Katie! It was absolutely worth falling in the knee-high snow and freezing our behinds off, all for the sake of these photos! You were a delight to photograph and I'm so glad we could reconnect when I was out visiting!

Kameron | Studio

Sometimes in the "off season" of photography, it's easy to get stuck in a creative rut. Photographing the same things can become routine, and I think it's important to challenge yourself every now and then and try something new! When Kam reached out about photos for his modeling portfolio, it completely changed my frame of mind! I started dreaming up a super natural, minimalistic studio shoot and what that would look like. Kam, a friend since elementary school, was all in! What really made this shoot come together, however, was Hingework, a new collaborative space/studio that recently opened in Downtown Lancaster. The crew at Hingework was so laid back and inviting that we immediately felt right at home. Kam brought along our friend Hanna, who I also have been friends with since elementary school and we cranked up some music on my Bose speakers and got started on the creative fun. Hingework offered such a cool atmosphere for my session with Kam, and I cannot think of a better place to have photographed him. Although this is not the type of shoots I typically offer, I was so glad to have refreshed my creativity with some friends from high school and try something new. Enjoy some of my faves - and Kam, kill it in NYC. They love you already!

John + Abby | Wedding

I kicked off the 2016 year by photographing John + Abby's BIG day! And no better wedding to start the season off with than this one! Although it was January, we were greeted with mild weather and perfect lighting. Beyond the beautiful weather we were blessed with, it was evident that Abby's hand-made, thought out details, and the genuine love between her and John were really the things that made the wedding come together in the way it did. My second-shooter, Hillary, and I absolutely loved running around Downtown Lancaster to capture the moments of the day. Congratulations to John and Abby - you were a delight to work with and the love between the two of you and your families really shined all throughout the day.