Katie | Senior

It's safe to say that my session with Katie is by far one of my most FAVORITE sessions I have ever photographed. It helps that we were shooting at the most magnificent location and that I had a beautiful model. :)

I met Katie back when she lived in Pennsylvania and we went to the same high school! I was actually good friends with her older brother and sister! When Katie and her family moved to California, I wasn't sure of when I'd see this clan next, but low and behold, it was one big WONDERFUL reunion in Utah, as the three of them are attending BYU in Utah. I had an absolute blast catching up with this trio and could not be more pleased with how these photos turned out.

Thanks for bearing the cold with me, Katie! It was absolutely worth falling in the knee-high snow and freezing our behinds off, all for the sake of these photos! You were a delight to photograph and I'm so glad we could reconnect when I was out visiting!