Kameron | Studio

Sometimes in the "off season" of photography, it's easy to get stuck in a creative rut. Photographing the same things can become routine, and I think it's important to challenge yourself every now and then and try something new! When Kam reached out about photos for his modeling portfolio, it completely changed my frame of mind! I started dreaming up a super natural, minimalistic studio shoot and what that would look like. Kam, a friend since elementary school, was all in! What really made this shoot come together, however, was Hingework, a new collaborative space/studio that recently opened in Downtown Lancaster. The crew at Hingework was so laid back and inviting that we immediately felt right at home. Kam brought along our friend Hanna, who I also have been friends with since elementary school and we cranked up some music on my Bose speakers and got started on the creative fun. Hingework offered such a cool atmosphere for my session with Kam, and I cannot think of a better place to have photographed him. Although this is not the type of shoots I typically offer, I was so glad to have refreshed my creativity with some friends from high school and try something new. Enjoy some of my faves - and Kam, kill it in NYC. They love you already!