I think I take photos so much because I worry that I’ll forget a moment. A memory. I heard a quote once that said,

    “We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”.

I love that. I love seeing photographs as a return ticket. A time hop. I believe photographs have a way of capturing moments that most often aren’t as precious until much later down the road. I believe photographs have a way of telling a story that sometimes words just cannot describe. I believe it is not just about the things you see, but the way you see them. I believe photography is a gift and it's a gift I want to share.

Photography has come to define a large part of me and a huge part of the way I see things in life. As a natural light wedding + lifestyle photographer, my job is to capture life as it is passing by. Each photograph taken is like a pause button for everyday life. I am grateful for the opportunities I have to tell the story and the countless beautiful humans I have the pleasure of working with through this art. 

My hope in this business of mine is to encourage genuine interactions between my clients, to allow for personal interpretation of my light guidance, and to freeze time for just a moment, as a way to take a trip back to a place or time otherwise gone. I am eager to continue to grow and learn and stretch myself and my creativity, and I cannot WAIT for the photographs I have yet to take, and the stories I have yet to tell.