A natural light photographer for people, products, places and spaces. San Diego, California

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I'm Madeline… but you can call me Maddie. I’m an East Coast native who finally found her way to the West Coast. I’m a professional lifestyle, brand, and wedding photographer / influencer, based in San Diego, California.

When in doubt, you may find me at the beach, redecorating my little studio apartment, cozied up with my laptop at a cool coffee shop, out photographing amazing humans and scenery, driving windy roads at night, singing loud with the windows down and my favorite music turned up, or on a plane traveling somewhere beautiful.

My life is wild and messy and I am absolutely grateful for every part of it. I have embraced the waves that have brought me to where I am and can’t wait to see what’s next. Follow along my journey and the stories I tell through my photos! And who knows, maybe I’ll get to share your story too.


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